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A new future for the Keke Rosberg Fansite


As well as providing information about Keke Rosberg's wins in Formula 1, this site is the first part of the Keke Rosberg Fansite to be built in HTML 5. Put simply this means that the site can be viewed by anyone on any current device, incluing iPhone and iPad.


HTML 5 is the most modern internet language currently available and will be the standard for internet in the next few years. This site and the Keke Rosberg Fansite both operate on the Moonfruit platform with the difference being that this site is built using their new HTML 5 software, and is viewable by mobile and tablet users as well as desktop users. When this software is fully rolled out in 2013 the Keke Rosberg Fansite will also be rebuilt in HTML 5 so that we can offer the same level of accessibilty as this site affords.


There will be no loss in design to the Keke Rosberg Fansite, this site is built to closely resemble the main site and is a very effective copy despite being built a brand new way. As well as increased accessibality the change to HTML 5 will also make site quicker and will mean we can offer a number of new features, some that are on display in this site.


So take a look around and enjoy a taste of the future.  

HTML 5, The Future


Welcome to Keke Rosberg's F1 Wins


This is a microsite devoted to Keke Rosberg's five Formula 1 wins and his two Non-championship F1 wins. It offers information on each event giving statistics, detailed qualifying and race classifications, track maps, intergrated video from six of the events, plenty of interesting facts and race reports.


Take a look around the site, we hope you enjoy your visit and tell us what you think.

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This site is part of the Keke Rosberg Fansite which is completedly dedicated to the 1982 Formula 1 World Champion and has been running for over 10 years. We pride ourselves on being the best place to learn about Keke Rosberg whether you know nothing about him or were his biggest fan and offer a wide selection of information, reports, video and photographs.


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Photograph: Paul Kooyman